Sales promotions

Do you want to increase eye – appeal of your products?

Company Profibaby is long-life producer of toys. Thanks to experience, high-quality process and wide assortment the company obtained a lot of satisfied customers from series of wholesale customers and wholesale Merchant.

Many of our customers are belonging to producers of products for children and thier care ( cosmetics, hygienic´s occasions, washing powders…and so on). They push up sales of our products for their advertising article.
Because of it we extended production possibilities. We started with tamponage. We are able to made any maker´s emblem which you will want.

On all business transaction company Profibaby approach individually, tactfuly and reliably. Our aim is grant products in asking duality, appointed time and good prices to customers. These evidence of security heavily company which shops abroad (for example China) can offer. Company Profibaby monitors on quality of offered products and printing. Company isn´t limited side delivery time. Produkts of company Profibaby meet hygienic requirements which keep in Czech republic and other abroad. ( Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Great Britain, and so on.)

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