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Very favorite part of our assortment of toys are brick-box. Size of all lots from brick – box are unified. You can combine lots from all of sets brick-box. Thanks to colourfulness your baby can learn distinguishing colours and name it. Brick boxes contain equally big cubes so your baby can´t breathe in or swallow it. Thanks to good size your baby can better handle these cubes.
With this toy baby can learn motoric skills. Baby evolves of his fancy and vocabulary.
Baby can create with cubes various articles – sensation surrounding world.
Brick-box shoot up with baby.At first period baby perceives colourfuless of cubes, their dragging and shuffle. At second period is brick-box building material – baby can build everything.
Brick-box is made ou of healthy, washable material. Easy and elegant design is acceptable on the part of hygiene. Servicing of brick-box is modest. You can only wash it in warm water with soap.

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