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Pram toys are part of our assortment. It´s easy however good subserviency for increasing safeness of baby in pram. The pram drop off size of opening between swaddling clothes and roof of pram optically and virtually. Thanks to colourfulness, shape and their clack it captivates baby´s attention which lies safely in a pram. Of course, the pram toy doesn´t replace other safety elements and direct control of adult.
Draughtsmen of hardset plastic which are slip on reasonably elastic string are cloured and simply formed. Their servicing is unpretentious ( you can only wash it in soapy water).
As well as whistling toys and rattlebags, pram toys belongs to classification of toys which produce sound. It´s acceptable helper when you follow right evolution of baby. If your baby don´t revolver to sound it´s possible that is some problem with hearing (or eyesight). Every toy wich is rattling is good and accessible subjekt how you can verify that your baby is safe.
Pram toys is very good toy for captivation attention of baby during ways in pram even if baby doesn´t inured to it.
Cramping of pram toys is standardized for all type sof prams. Simple hitech or reeve outer ring sof pram toy through loops which are in the side of pram´s roof. The pram toys which we deliver in many coloured variations are made out of healthy and colour-fast materiáls. These materials are subjekt to strict hygienic specifications.

Pram Toy Star, Sun

Pram toys » Pram Toy Star, Sun

Caregory: Pram toys
Catalogue number: 293
EAN: 8594024222224
Color: various

Pram toy - Flower Ball

Pram toys » Pram toy - Flower Ball

Caregory: Pram toys
Catalogue number: 292
EAN: 8594024222217
Color: various
Detail1 Detail2

Colored Balls

Pram toys » Colored Balls

Caregory: Pram toys
Catalogue number: 288
EAN: 8594024222163
Color: various
Detail1 Detail2

Pram toy - BEAR and RABBIT

Pram toys » Pram toy - BEAR and RABBIT

Caregory: Pram toys
Catalogue number: 128
EAN: 8594024220275
Color: various

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