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Water toys are very favorite part of our assortment because of coloured, variety and wide variety. In offer we have funny draughtsmen of animals which are intended primary to playing. Type of this animals : animals which live in water or near water. It´s very good for baby when you teach him recognition animals. In later years are water toys good for dispersion of word-stock. In assortment of water toys we offer soapberries in shape animals, which except play filling – up protective function: soap is after bath safely tidy and baby can´t stomp on it and slip off. At tha same time baby will learn to keep rule „fed animals“, so baby tidy up a soap to cavern of animal´s abdomen.
Every water toys are together whistling toys. It helps with evolution of baby. Baby learns to diference type of sound and their intensity. Thanks to these toys parents can find out if baby is ok in time. ( hearing – health baby turns over to sound).
As water toys you can use flanel or sponge in animal shape. Baby get used keep hygienic habit by funny form. Some of babies can habituate to touch water on their face and deprive of fear. "Stroke" by flanel in shape nice animal they accept better. Additional, wash will be fun for rabies.
All of water toys meet hygienic requirements. Water toys are made out of healthy, publishable materiále. Toys were tested by National health institution in Ostrava.

Big Ship

Water toys » Big Ship

Caregory: Water toys
Catalogue number: 303
EAN: 8594024222309
Color: red & yellow
Note: h: 14cm, l: 40cm
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Set for Water, Sand - Bath

Water toys » Set for Water, Sand - Bath

Caregory: Water toys
Catalogue number: 289
EAN: 8594024222187
Color: various
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NOVINKA - Mydlenka + Cub

Water toys » Mydlenka + Cub

Caregory: Water toys
Catalogue number: 280
EAN: 8594024222095
Color: various
Note: (2 kinds)

Duck 16c. + 2 ducks

Water toys » Duck 16c. + 2 ducks

Caregory: Water toys
Catalogue number: 172
EAN: 8594024220759
Color: various

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